Safer at Home

It isn't always easy to stay at home. By staying in and avoiding physical contact with others, we slow the spread of the coronavirus.

What does it mean to slow the spread?

The coronavirus is very contagious. This means it easily spreads from one person to another, just by being close to each other. Some people who get the coronavirus never show any symptoms, but can spread it to other people.


Some people get a little sick but can get better by resting at home. Some people get very sick and end up needing hospital care. Many of these people need to stay for several days with medical support, and many need ventilators. 

If we were all in the community as normal, the number of people who get the virus at the same time would be much, much higher. Experts predict that there would be too many people who needed hospital care, and the hospitals wouldn't be able to take care of everyone who needs them.


This is why we are staying home. By limiting the number of people we contact, we are trying to slow down the virus so that the hospitals can take care of everyone who needs them over time, rather than all at once.


Remember when everyone tried to get a chicken sandwich at Popeye's all at the same time and they ran out? This is like that, only with hospital beds and ventilators. 

We will continue to post information about the Safer At Home orders as we hear them, as well as resources to keep you busy while you're keeping a safe physical distance at home.